Poble Rural Puig Arnau-Pubilló

Enviormental - Friendly

Poble rural- Puig-Arnau Pubilló it’s the result of a process of rehabilitation of several farmhouses and spaces which were abandoned. This whole process followed the most respectful criteria with the environment and the story from the houses, keeping the most interesting features, and at the same point offering the modern conveniences. 

We took and take care of all the details to be respectful with environment. Day by day we keep working to promote a sustainable and high-quality tourism. Fact that made us win the Biosphere certificate and the forest sustainable certificate, renewed every 4 years.  


What makes us sustainable?

  • Charging point for E-Cars  
  • Use of solar panels 
  • We are recycling and raise awareness about the environment in the whole property.  
  • Our restaurant offers local and seasonal products  
  • We take care and rehabilitate the area 
  • Recovery of disused spaces to give them another life  
  • Flora and fauna preservation and promotion through self-guided itineraries  
  • Creation of circuits to promote the knowledge of the area.  
  • Development of sport activities to foster physic activity and well-being  
  • Collaboration with local companies  
  • Water collection and reuse by irrigation 
  • Sustainable forestry certification PEFC  
  • Dissemination of legends from the area  
  • Rebuilding and dissemination of old trades from the area.